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Training Outlines

Succession Planning and Leadership Development
Training Outline for City of Thousand Oaks, California
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Crafting Your Next Life Phase-The Art of Self-Renewal
Training Outline for Washington City/County Management Association
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Keeping the Passion Alive-Lessons from My Personal Journey
Training Outline for International City/County Management Association
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Promoting Organizational Excellence in Tough Economic Times
Training Outline for Innovation Groups
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Running on High Octane--Building High-Performance Teams
Training for League of California Cities
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Other Resource Materials

University Teaching Tips
Tip Sheet for Managers
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Pursuing a Local Government Career
Tip Sheet for Students
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“Crafting Your Next Life Phase – The Art of Self-Renewal”
Courageous Questions to Promote Self-Reflection
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“Keeping the Passion Alive”
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“Promoting Organizational Excellence in Tough Economic Times”
Three Questions to Determine Success or Failure of Budget Cutbacks
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“Growing Our Own Leaders and Successors”
Tip Sheet—Overcoming the Obstacles That Hinder Participation in Leadership Development Programs
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“Retaining Your Talent”
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